Escritorios Personalizados

Tailored to you, literally.

When we talk about customized desks we mean…exactly that. Now you can order your Eleva in the size that best suits everything you need.

Adaptable to your work and your life

A desk is much more than a support for your computer and the tools that you use daily in your tasks, it has to give you adequate space for three fundamental reasons: 1. It must find its natural space without breaking the harmony or structure of your home. 2. It must respond to the requirements of your job; and 3. It should offer you the possibility of enjoying a healthier routine.

Lateral space and depth, more room for your health.

When you calculate the size of your Eleva, think that while you work you move and your body expresses itself, your arms need a place to write comfortably, your cervical posture must be correct to avoid neck tension, the distance between your eyes and the screen should not be less than 40 cm and no more than 80 cm. The most recommended thing is that the screen is slightly below the horizontal, around 10º-20º.

That's why Eleva allows you to plan and design your space by choosing the size of your table so that the areas you use in life and work are naturally integrated. So you can take advantage of the square meters of your home, be more productive without losing your quality of life and take care of your health.

escritorio electrico con modulo de alturas programable

Adaptable to your space

Why is it so important that a desk is the right size? Suitable for whom? In any case, it would be the right question, because not all of us need the same thing, and the diversity of functions implied by the modernization of work and the home office made everything change.

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