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Eleva Pro Structure

2 motors with Dynamic Motion technology integrated into the legs | Load up to 100 kg | Integrated remote control with 4 height memories | Anti-collision system

Eleva Go Structure

2-motor lifting system | Load up to 100 kg | Integrated remote control with 3 height memories | Anti-collision system
5-year guarantee
Premium quality
Free shipping
Made in Europe

Choose the structure that best fits you

You can combine your Eleva Go or Pro structure with one of our boards or with your own. A resistant solution designed to facilitate your daily movement.

Structure Elevatable Desk Eleva Go

Our basic model, ideal for people trying to work with a standing desk for the first time.

Functionalities of the command:

  • Up-down button
  • 3 memories
  • Led screen
  • USB and USB C
Structure Elevatable Desk Eleva Pro

The perfect structure to create a professional elevating desk. A simpler assembly experience and a robust and durable option. 

Functionalities of the command:

  • Up-down button
  • 4 memories
  • Led screen
  • Anti-collision system
Memories of height

Conveniently store your favorite heights in the different numbers on the remote, so you can access them at the touch of a button.

  • With the remote you can also configure other parameters such as:
  • Restarting the table
  • Locking system
  • Upper and lower height limit

Technology that makes your day to day easier

The Eleva lifting structures have an advanced system to boost the movement, with powerful and silent motors that guarantee a smooth and fast lifting experience.

Ease of assembly

A simple and functional design that has the highest quality components. The instruction manual will come home to you with your elevating structure, you can take a look here:

-Assembly manual Eleva Go

-Assembly manual Eleva Pro

Customize your structure

Choose between the Pro and One models and the black and white colors to buy the elevating desk structure that best suits your needs and your working environment.

Complete your setup

You can attach the elevatable structure to your board or choose from the four Elevating board options: white, black, natural oak, snow oak and wild oak. All colors are available in various sizes and, if you prefer, you can also contact us to request the size that you want.

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