Choose the best lift desk option for you

Lifting desks can change your day to day, improving your health and the relationship you have with your work. We give you some tips to know which desk is the best for you and what features you should take into account when buying one.

Why choose a lift desk ?

Because we were not born to sit all day. Labor sedentary lifestyle is increasing and affects us in many ways. It is about listening to our body and giving it the movement it needs.

Which one is the best

elevate for you?

Elevation system 1 engine 2 engines
Loading capacity 70kg 100kg
board measurements Up to 160 cm long Up to 200 cm long
height range 722 - 1210mm 720 - 1265mm
Velocity 25mm/s 38mm/s
board colors
integrated control Yes Yes
anti-collision No Yes
height memory 2 4
stability level

One Engine Desktop: Eleva One

The single motor desk is our basic lift table model. Our recommendation for those people who want to try working for the first time with a lift desk and do not have a very heavy setup. Also, it is the cheapest option.

With integrated control:

  • up-down button
  • 2 memories
  • Led screen
  • USB port

Dual Engine Desktop: Eleva Pro

The dual motor lift system is ideal for professionals who spend a lot of time at their lift desk and have a more complex setup, creating a smoother and more stable experience. It allows to place larger boards and the assembly time is less.

With integrated control:

  • up-down button
  • 4 memories
  • Led screen
  • anti-collision system

Elevating desk features

anti-collision system

The security that your elevating desk will detect any possible obstacle and will stop automatically. Available in the Eleva Pro model.

height memories

Conveniently save your favorite heights in the different numbers of the remote, so you can access them with the push of a button.

With the remote you can also configure other parameters such as:

table reset

Lock system

Upper and lower height limit

Technology and adaptability

The strength of a good engine

An advanced system to drive the movement, with powerful and silent motors that guarantee a smooth and fast lifting experience.

A modern design and very easy to assemble

The system's simplified design ensures high quality with few components, making it a reliable and secure desk that's easy to assemble.

At your house, in a few hours

The simplicity of the design allows us to send it to you in two boxes at home, in just 48-72 hours. Without intermediaries, so we can invest more in the quality of the product.

Choose a color that inspires you

Once you have decided which lift-up desk model is the most suitable for you, the important thing is to choose which color combination will best fit your space. You decide between 2 base colors: black and white; and 4 top finishes: white, natural oak, snow oak and wild oak.