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Try the move! And if the flow does not go with you, you return it.

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We prefer to invest in quality than in intermediaries, that's why your eleva comes directly from the factory.

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Choose the color that inspires you the most...

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Your health
depends on you.

There are no excuses when it comes to empowering yourself with your own health. Changing your habits during the workday improves your physical health and your cognitive performance. Follow the Eleva movement! 

They talk about us in

«We are the antithesis of the static furniture with a rigid position»

"Eleva sells height-adjustable desks to be able to work more comfortably"

"Ergonomic tables to take care of health and well-being"

"The ergonomic desk company Eleva is launched"

"Eleva, adjustable desks that protect health"

"People who are up and moving are better able to generate and flow with their ideas."

"Eleva was born to propose a change in the way we work."

What do people think about us?

In my case I bought a personalized Elevapro quality table 160 long and 70 deep. And it is simply AMAZING. Let me tell you why: - Super robust -Easy to...
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Jaime C. N. Shop Reviews
And I emphasize practically because there is one thing that I did not like at all, and that is that the structure has a place to put the motors and...
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Irantzu Torres
Eleva Pro
A brutal change in my routine of long hours sitting working. Now I only listen to my body and it only tells me when to sit and when to stand,...
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Edgar D Galo Fernández Osoria
Eleva Go
Easy enough to assemble, I think more specific drawings would have made the process faster. The table goes up and down very well, without making noise and stable, although it...
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Eduardo Assuncao
Eleva Go
After an odyssey to get the desk, I can finally only say that it is completely worth it. First there were delays in shipping, then once it arrived, the board...
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Cristian Shop Reviews
It looks like it is a quality table in terms of materials and structure, but when I uncovered it, the tabletop in one corner had the protective plastic corner piece...
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Eleva Pro
I bought the table because my job can make me spend more than 8 hours in front of the computer, and over the years my back complains more and more....
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Jose Carlos Garcia Landrove
Eleva Go
Good morning! My 11 year old daughter uses this table. With the table top closed, she does her homework and works on her laptop. When she draws or does something,...
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Vyacheslav Pavlov
Estructura Eleva Go
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