Listening to your body at all times

Eleva was born to propose a change in the way we work, creating spaces that adapt to people, improving their health and enhancing their skills.

We were not born to sit around all day

Musculoskeletal disorders

Inadequate ergonomic design can cause injury to our tissues and bones.

Cardiovascular diseases

A sedentary lifestyle increases blood pressure, cholesterol and insulin resistance.

Mental health problems

There is a direct relationship between the time we spend sitting and depressive symptoms.

Enrich your
work routine with
more movement
and wellness .

It's hard to draw the line that divides work from life. What we can do is give life to work, taking care of our health and improving our day to day through movement.

A story of transformation

Mixed shifts and teleworking have created a new reality. Eleva proposes a solution adapted to those people who want to dedicate a corner of their home to their working day.

We move towards a better world

We take care of all the details to offer products that take care of you and the planet. For this reason, our wood is manufactured sustainably and is FSC and PEFC certified.