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Eleva Pro

Two-motor lifting system  |  Available up to 180 cm long  |  Load up to 100kg  |  Speed ​​38mm/s
from 617€

Eleva Go

Two-motor lifting system  |  Available up to 180 cm long  |  Load up to 100 kg  |  Speed 35mm/s
from 424€

Eleva Gaming

Sistema de elevación a 2 motores | Tablero y estructura negros | Stickers para personalizarla | Mando integrado con 3 memorias de altura | Sistema anticolisión
from 469€

Eleva Four

2-motor lifting system | Load up to 100 kg | Integrated remote control with 3 height memories | Anti-collision system
from 959€
5 year guarantee
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Set up your workspace with standing desks

Our desks are designed to adapt to any space and person, offering an ergonomic and healthy solution to work dynamically.

Which is the best

eleva for you?

Elevation system 1 engine 2 motors integrated into the structure 2 motors with Dynamic Motion technology integrated into the legs
Loading capacity 70kg 100kg 100kg
Board measurements Up to 160 cm long Up to 140 cm long Up to 200 cm long
Height range 722 - 1210mm 700 - 1200mm 720 - 1265mm
Speed 25mm/s Medium High
Board colors
Integrated control Yes Yes Yes
Anti-collision No Yes Yes
Height memory 2 3 4
Integrated charger USB USB/USB C No
Stability level
Structure finishing USB Rectangular with straight edges Square with rounded edges
Customize your Standing Desk

Finding your workplace inspiring is essential to create a work atmosphere that motivates you and promotes your productivity. For this reason, eleva standing desks can be customized.

Choose your favorite color

You can choose between four top colors: white, black, natural oak, snow oak and wild oak. In turn, you can combine the board with a white or black structure.

Choose the right structure

Eleva One is the ideal option if you want to try introducing more movement into your day-to-day. Eleva Pro is available in more sizes and is a more resistant model, for more advanced setups.

Take your workday to the next level

More and more people are opting for a standing desk to help them feel active and motivated during work hours. The body is designed to move, spending so many hours of the day sitting down can be very harmful to our health. For this reason, more and more companies and organizations promote the daily use of standing desks.

Integrated control to program heights

With the remote you can move your standing desk and place it at a height that is comfortable for you, both standing and sitting. In addition, you can save your favorite heights to have them at the reach of a button.

Sustainably made

The wooden board is FSC and PEFC certified, which guarantee sustainable and environmentally friendly manufacturing.

Anti-abrasion and anti-stain

A standing desk resistant to abrasion caused by everyday objects and liquids, so that it remains in perfect condition during the day.

escritorio electrico con modulo de alturas programable
Standing desks to work at home

Teleworking and mixed working hours are becoming more and more frequent in the employment landscape. More and more companies are promoting this type of working day, offering flexibility and adaptability to workers.

This change means that many people must dedicate a space in their homes to work. Opting for a standing desk has multiple advantages:

Add movement to your day to day

Standing desks are an easy way to stay active during work hours, a way to keep your body moving while still meeting your work goals.

Ergonomics for the whole family

The desk adapts to everyone who wants to use it, it can be a work table in the mornings, a creative space on some occasions or a table for the little ones to do their homework in the afternoons. Everyone will choose the height they want and will be able to maintain a suitable position during use.

Home adaptability

It is increasingly common to give different uses to the same space at home. The office doubles as a gym or guest room; the living room serves as a dining room and games room; or even the bedroom can be used to rest or work. Standing desks adapt to all these uses and needs, being a key piece of home furniture.

Standing Desks with 100 days free trial

Many studies have shown the effectiveness of standing desks and their impact on people's health, improving circulation, reducing muscular and skeletal pain, raising the mood, promoting productivity and stimulating the creativity of the workers who use them.

For this reason, we offer a 100-day trial, if during that period you decide that the desktop is not for you, you can return it at no cost.

What do people think about us?

In my case I bought a personalized Elevapro quality table 160 long and 70 deep. And it is simply AMAZING. Let me tell you why: - Super robust -Easy to...
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Jaime C. N. Shop Reviews
And I emphasize practically because there is one thing that I did not like at all, and that is that the structure has a place to put the motors and...
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Irantzu Torres
Eleva Pro
A brutal change in my routine of long hours sitting working. Now I only listen to my body and it only tells me when to sit and when to stand,...
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Edgar D Galo Fernández Osoria
Eleva Go
Easy enough to assemble, I think more specific drawings would have made the process faster. The table goes up and down very well, without making noise and stable, although it...
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Eduardo Assuncao
Eleva Go
After an odyssey to get the desk, I can finally only say that it is completely worth it. First there were delays in shipping, then once it arrived, the board...
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Cristian Shop Reviews
It looks like it is a quality table in terms of materials and structure, but when I uncovered it, the tabletop in one corner had the protective plastic corner piece...
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Eleva Pro
I bought the table because my job can make me spend more than 8 hours in front of the computer, and over the years my back complains more and more....
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Jose Carlos Garcia Landrove
Eleva Go
Good morning! My 11 year old daughter uses this table. With the table top closed, she does her homework and works on her laptop. When she draws or does something,...
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Vyacheslav Pavlov
Estructura Eleva Go