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Ergonomic position: the rules for correct posture

posicion ergonomica

Bet on an ergonomic position

Nowadays we spend many hours sitting, especially if we work in front of a computer. Knowing good practices to stay active during the day is vital to prevent muscle pain and problems, low back pain, tendonitis, among many other pathologies.

It seems that if we sit for many hours in the same position without taking our eyes off the computer, we are being productive, and nothing could be further from the truth. Movement is essential to keep our brain active. It's not about working long hours, it's about giving quality to those hours.

For this reason, it is important to educate workers about good ergonomic practices and motivate them with a space that allows them to feel inspired during their work day.

Healthy practices

Let's look at some tips to adopt a good ergonomic position at work:

Don't adopt good posture, adopt them all

There are some postures that are usually recommended: keeping your back straight and close to the backrest, your neck facing forward and both feet resting on the floor. But good posture is of no use to us if we are going to maintain it for many hours. Our body thrives on movement. You can play with your feet, put them on the floor, put one on the chair, squat on top of the chair... it doesn't matter! The important thing is not to always remain in the same position.

Choose an ergonomic seat

If we are going to move we need an ergonomic seat that keeps up with us. That is why it is important that it is height adjustable, has lumbar and head support as well as armrests. The more adjustable, the more options we will have to play with our position.

Optimize your work surface

Your desk is your best work tool, it is very important that it adapts to you. Lifting desks are a key piece to having a dynamic workspace that adjusts to our needs.

Additionally, it is important to keep it organized. You can place the objects that you need at all times within your reach and those that you need from time to time further away, so you will force yourself to get up to pick them up, thus activating your body and muscles and improving circulation.

Choose your screen well

Place it at eye level and as far away from you as possible. Invest in a good screen that has the resolution and light your eyes need. Use blue light filters and remember to stop and look out the window several times a day to reduce eye fatigue.

Check your ergonomics at work

You can ask yourself different questions to find out if your work day is being as healthy as possible:

-How often do you get up from your chair?

-Do you work all day sitting or standing?

-Do you usually rest your eyes?

-Do you have your desk tidy?

-Are your table and chair comfortable and do they adapt to you?

-Do you always maintain the same posture?

Movement is power, empower yourself and commit to a healthy day.

Guillem Hernández

CEO Eleva

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