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Anti-fatigue carpet by Fellowes

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Relieves tension in the knees and hips, providing comfortable support for your joints while standing.

· Ergonomic design that stimulates movement
· Ideal to use together with your Eleva
· Beveled edges to avoid tripping
· Easy to clean and care for
· Width: 91,5 cm
· Length: 61 cm
· Thickness: 1,9 cm
· Weight: 2 kg
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Anti-fatigue carpet by Fellowes
Anti-fatigue carpet by Fellowes
Regular price 89€
Regular price 99€ Sale price 89€
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Ergonomic anti-fatigue mats for work

An ergonomic mat designed to reduce pressure on your joints and improve blood circulation.


Feel the comfort under your feet

A mat that stimulates your feet by encouraging the subtle movements that your body needs to stay comfortable, balanced and energized.Improves the experience of working standing favoring an ergonomic posture, relieving tension of the knees and lumbar area.



When you feel good, you work better.

The anti-fatigue mat, along with the rest of the Eleva accessories, improves your comfort during the day. Feeling that your body is agile and pain-free is vital to concentrate on your tasks and improve your performance.

As you move on the padded surface, your muscles contract and relax slightly, promoting better blood flow in your legs. This not only helps prevent swelling and tired legs, but also increases your energy level and concentration.

Ergonomics at your feet

Its ergonomic design is made to adapt to the natural shape of your feet, providing additional support to your muscles and joints. By distributing weight more evenly, the anti-fatigue mat relieves pressure on your feet and reduces the risk of developing circulation problems.

Additionally, an anti-fatigue mat can also improve your posture. By providing soft, cushioned support, it encourages you to maintain a more upright posture, reducing strain on your back and neck.

Made with a textured surface that offers you exceptional grip, preventing slipping and keeping you safe at all times.

More movement option

The anti-fatigue mat is also designed to improve your posture while you work. Its soft, padded surface invites you to move and change positions with ease, helping to prevent stiffness and muscle tension. Another resource to promote the movement of your body while you work!