This Black Friday, your standing desk with the best discounts.


This year we want to celebrate Black Friday with you. A date on which we can wrap our heads around our heads and offer, for a limited time, the biggest discount of the year.

Black Friday arrived in Spain years ago to stay, and every year it becomes more important in our calendar.

It is an opportunity to buy everything we want at the best price, but it is also a time of saturation, prices that change non-stop, deceptive offers and head warming. We want to do it well.

Black Friday in elevation, absolute transparency.

Our Black Friday is the best time to buy your elevating desk. It will last one week, from November 21 to 28 , and from the first day the web will have the biggest discount we will do this year. The discount will not go up or down. It will be available during those days so that you can make your purchase quietly whenever you want.

After the 28th, prices will return to normal. No more stories.

The change starts now, this Black Friday invest in a standing desk

This Black Friday is the best time to take charge of your health with a lift desk. If you have browsed our website a bit, you will already know the risks of leading a sedentary working life and the infinity of advantages that a lift table offers you, not only to improve the quality of your physical health, but also mental clarity and motivation.

Sometimes we lose sight of this point in our work: motivation. It seems that a job is a job and, while we do invest money in other aspects of our lives (beauty, home, health, food...) sometimes it is hard for us to realize the importance of investing in a good workspace that gives us inspire every day.

Our space surrounds us for at least 8 hours a day and affects us. Maintaining a good atmosphere and using the right furniture is essential to feel satisfied and proud of what we do every day.

Traditional tables are no longer valid

It is so. No more. They don't serve us. Society evolves, jobs change, and it is vital to have a table that fits into your day to day:

A standing desk adapts to you

We need desks that fit us, that allow us to move and flow with our tasks. Desks that are height adjustable, because not all of us measure the same and have the same complexion, why would we all use the same desk?

A standing desk allows you to move

Movement is health, our body demands it non-stop, it needs it to function, to keep blood circulating and to keep our bones and muscles strong.

Movement is also creativity, it is essential to activate divergent thinking, develop new ideas and flow with your daily tasks.

A standing desk unites the traditional with the modern

Technology allows us to update a basic and traditional product and adapt it to the needs of today's society. The result is a table that meets all the functions we need and that gives us this change at the touch of a button, as easy as that.

We encourage you to take advantage of this Black Friday to add a lift desk to your workday and experience the changes first hand. Celebrate this Black Friday with us!

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