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Standing desks, what they are and how they can help you in your day to day.

What is a Standing Desk?

A standing desk or elevating desk is an electronic desk that has an elevation system to be able to place it at the height that you want.

For a long time, the desktop has been with us in our working lives, in many different jobs carried out by many different people. And still, the model and height is standard for everyone. The standing desks are born as an adaptive proposal to a traditional piece of furniture that becomes obsolete.

What benefits does a Standing Desk have?

The main objective of the standing desks is to put an end to a sedentary lifestyle at work, which is related to more than 34 different pathologies, among which cardiovascular problems, musculoskeletal pain, type 2 diabetes or anxiety stand out.

Standing desks allow you to change your position easily, breaking that sedentary lifestyle and filling your routine with movement, improving circulation and making you feel better.

In addition, the movement is related to the increase in labor productivity and creativity, since it promotes divergent thinking, which makes you have more and better ideas.

Standing Desk: a paradigm shift

Standing desks represent a change in our way of working. A way that improves our health and also the quality of our work, which makes us more inspired and motivated with our tasks.

A desk that adapts to any type of person, whatever their height. So it is a perfect option to have at home, since it will adapt to all members of the family.

In addition, with teleworking and mixed shifts, eleva is the perfect solution to create a workspace at home that adapts to all your needs.

How to choose a Standing Desk?

At Eleva we have 2 basic models: Eleva One and Eleva Pro.

Standing desk models

Eleva One is a simpler model, to start in the world of standing desks it is a very good option. It has an integrated remote control with which you can control and save your favorite heights:

-Elevation system with 1 motor

-Load capacity of 70 kg

-Height range from 722mm to 1210mm

-Lift speed 25mm/s

Eleva Pro is a superior option, for those more professional setups or people looking for a more resistant solution. It also has an integrated controller with a larger memory to save heights and a USB port to charge your devices.

-Elevation system with 2 motors

-Load capacity of 100 kg

-Height range from 720mm to 1265mm

-Lift speed 38mm/s

-Anti-collision system

-Simple assembly

Structures and boards

The structures of both models are available in black and white. As for the tops, you can choose between white, snow oak, wild oak and natural oak.

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