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Shared workspace: what is it?

espacios de trabajo compartidos

The number of workers who decide to work in a shared workspace continues to increase. A trend that was already developing in other European countries and that has been increasingly common in Spain for a few years.

What is a shared workspace?

Shared work spaces, or, as they are often called, coworkings, are spaces that have everything necessary so that different professionals, from different sectors, can share a place in which to carry out their tasks together.

They usually have basic furniture, such as tables, chairs, screens, connectors, internet connection... and also shared spaces such as kitchens, meeting rooms, photography rooms, etc.

They are open spaces that welcome people from all specialties, even if they do not work together. The most frequent profiles are usually freelancers working on their project, people in charge of small startups or entrepreneurs who need a place to meet.

What a work desk should have

Advantages of coworking

It is an economical option

Normally you pay a monthly fee and you have the right to your work area as well as access to the rest of the coworking rooms and a series of basic services and supplies, such as a high-speed internet connection, air conditioners, good lighting, projectors , kitchen utensils or screens.

Without a doubt, renting an office and hiring all these services is much more expensive.

Plus, you can also pay only when you need to go to a co-working space.

Adapts to your needs

There are all types of coworkings, so you can decide which one is most appropriate for you. More creative spaces with different areas to think and give free rein to your imagination, spaces with many meeting rooms, spaces with a photography studio, spaces with a strong social or environmental concern... you just have to find yours.

It is an inspiring space

Coworking spaces are normally designed to inspire work, so they have relaxation areas, eating areas, ergonomic furniture to be more comfortable, elevating tables to promote movement or themed rooms to meet privately or carry out different activities.

coworkings and work spaces

You meet interesting people

The opportunity to network between different professionals is always something very positive that can enrich your experience and bring you new projects and personal relationships.

Everything is an opportunity to do business and expand your network of contacts and who knows, you may find a partner, your next employee or a good friend.

Disadvantages of coworking

Lack of privacy

Shared spaces may not be suitable for those who need privacy to work on sensitive or confidential projects. Noise and distractions can be a nuisance for some workers.

Lack of control

When sharing a workspace, workers may not have full control over the work environment, including temperature, lighting, and cleanliness.

Possible competition

When working alongside other professionals, there can be competition between them, which can create an unpleasant and uncollaborative work environment.

Space limitations

Shared spaces may be limited in space, especially during periods of high demand. This can make it difficult to reserve a workspace at the desired time.

shared workspace advantages

In general, shared spaces or coworkings can be an excellent alternative for independent workers, startups, freelancers and small businesses that are looking for a creative and motivating work environment, at an affordable cost. However, it is important to consider the potential disadvantages and ensure that a shared space is the best option for individual work needs.

Guillem Hernández

CEO Eleva

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