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What are the benefits of teleworking?

¿Cuáles son los beneficios del teletrabajo?

Teleworking, or remote working, has grown in popularity in recent years due to technological advances and the need to adapt to changes in the world of work. This type of work can be very beneficial for both employees and companies.

Advantages of teleworking for employees:


Teleworking allows employees to have more flexibility in terms of schedules and location. Employees can work from home, allowing them to save time and money on trips and can adapt their work schedules to their personal needs, achieving greater work-life balance.

Greater autonomy

By working from home, employees have more control over their work environment and can adjust the environment to be more productive. Additionally, they are not subject to the distractions and noise that can occur in an office environment.

Cost savings

Teleworking can reduce the costs of transportation, food and work clothes. Employees can also save on child care and other costs associated with caring for family members.

Less stress

Without having to deal with traffic and other stressors associated with city living, employees who work remotely often experience less stress and feel more relaxed.

Better work-life balance

Employees can spend more time with their families and friends by not having to commute to work every day, which improves their overall quality of life. They can also take advantage of the hours of travel, which in many cases are usually by car or public transport, to exercise and lead a more active life.

Advantages of teleworking for companies:

Cost reduction

Teleworking can reduce the costs of renting and maintaining a physical office, since employees do not need to be at the workplace every day. Additionally, you can reduce the costs of office supplies and equipment.

Productivity increase

Many employees find that they can be more productive when working from home, as they can avoid the distractions and noise of the office. Additionally, employees often work longer hours when working from home and are more productive.

Greater flexibility in hiring

Teleworking allows companies to hire employees from around the world, thereby expanding the talent pool and allowing companies to hire the best candidates no matter where they are located.

Less absenteeism

Employees who work remotely tend to have fewer absenteeism days due to illness or personal issues, as they can work from home when they are not feeling well or need to attend to personal matters.

Better company reputation

Companies that offer teleworking options are recognized as modern and progressive, which can improve the company's reputation among employees and customers.

In conclusion, teleworking can be beneficial for both employees and companies. Companies can reduce costs, increase productivity and improve their reputation, while employees can enjoy greater flexibility, autonomy, work-life balance and cost savings.

Guillem Hernández

CEO Eleva

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