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Programas de escritorio remoto

We're computer people, that's why we're here, right? So we thought about starting a new section dedicated to tools that can make our daily lives easier.

Today we start with remote desktop applications, that is, programs that allow us to access our desktop from any device, including your mobile phone.

We will see some free and other paid solutions created by Microsoft and Apple:

Google Chrome

A free option that allows you not only to access Chrome, but also your entire computer. There is a mobile application for Android or iOS.

Link: Google Chrome Remote Desktop


Windows 10 also has a remote access feature to your desktop. Of course, it is not available for the Home version, you will need Windows 10 Pro. Available for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS.

Link: Windows Remote Desktop

Apple Remote Desktop

A payment option for €90. You can only access your desktop from another Mac. An option more focused on managing and controlling a computer network.

Link: Mac Remote Desktop


One of the most famous options. Widely used by the technical support team or to help a colleague who has a technological problem.

It is free, although it has a paid version for companies. It has many options, including recording sessions, the possibility of controlling several computers at the same time, or sending files and documents from one computer to another.

Link: TeamViewer Remote Desktop


Another free option for all types of users with a payment option for companies. You don't need to configure anything, just install it. It has applications for Windows, GNU/Linux, macOS, Android or iOS. And it also has the possibility of transferring files, connecting to several desktops at the same time or working with multiple screens.

Link: SupRemo Remote Desktop

Amyy Admin

Application weighing less than 1MB, it is very easy to configure and is intuitive for people who connect for the first time. It has a free and paid version. Of course, the free one only allows you to connect for 15 hours a month with a single session.

Please note: it does not allow file transfer.

Link: Ammyy Admin Remote Desktop

Imperius Remote

It has a free version, which only allows you one connection at a time, and a professional version.

It has a chat to talk between team members and an access chronology.

Link: Imperius Remote Desk


One of our favorites, it works well and is completely free. It does not require technical knowledge to use it. Allows connection with a computer and mobile phone. This version has the possibility of sending files.

Link: AnyDesk Remote Desktop

VNC Connect

Paid tool with free trial option. Great flexibility for computer and mobile. It allows connection to your computers, the possibility of sending invitations to access your computers, backup or blocking access.

Link: VNC Connect Remote Desktop

Zoho Assist

Paid remote access and support tool with free basic plan. It is focused on professionals and based on the cloud. It allows you to control both computers, mobile phones or servers. Very fast connection.

Link: Zoho Assist Remote Desktop

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