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5 fantastic modern office decoration ideas

decoración de oficinas modernas

If you are thinking of proposing a change of decoration in your office or decorating your home office, we give you some ideas on trends in modern offices that will help you create an inspiring space.

It is about turning your space into a warm and cozy place in a simple way, let's see some ideas to give a modern touch to your office:

1. Use glass partitions

It is a way to separate spaces without loading them with elements. They are very fashionable among modern offices and also give a great feeling of spaciousness and confidence. And, of course, it helps that there is much more natural light.

2. Decorate with natural elements

A modern office cannot lack natural elements that decorate different corners. The main thing? Plants. You can choose to create your own selection of indoor plants or even make a small vertical garden.

Wood is another super versatile material that will help give a space a natural touch. Choose wood finishes for your furniture.

3. Multifunctional spaces

A modern office must be prepared for all kinds of activities. We already know that movement and change help us generate more and better ideas, which is why we must create spaces in which to spend time in different ways: sitting, standing, lying down, on the floor, eating, reading, talking, etc. writing, drawing...

In an office this can be achieved by creating corners with different uses, rooms with a table, but also different places to rest: chairs, armchairs, sofas, cushions, puffs...

If you work from home, this point is probably vital, since the room you use as an office may have other uses such as a guest room, gym, or living room.

4. Use functional furniture

Connecting with the previous idea, a good way to achieve multifunctional spaces is, of course, using furniture that allows you different uses, such as lift tables or ergonomic chairs.

5. Add inspiration

Inspiration is a two-way process. It is not just that we know how to generate good ideas, this does not always happen or is not always easy, especially if we want it to happen for 8 hours a day from Monday to Friday. A good way to have good ideas is by surrounding yourself with a space that inspires you to have them. Use the decoration that motivates you the most: blackboards to write on, phrases that encourage you, colors that you like, furniture that is comfortable for you…etc.

The important thing, therefore, when creating your modern office is to create a space in which you feel good. An inspiring space focused on being able to concentrate and work but also a space that allows you to change your point of view, look out the window, change your posture. Pay special attention to natural light and the ergonomics of your furniture, as they will be vital aspects for a healthy working day.

Guillem Hernández

CEO Eleva

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