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The best colors to decorate the office

Los mejores colores para decorar la oficina

Choosing colors to decorate your office or home office is not simply an aesthetic issue, it can also have a significant impact on your productivity and well-being.

Various studies have shown that colors can affect your mood, concentration and efficiency. Here we present a guide on the best colors to decorate the office, home office or your work area, taking into account both aesthetics and psychological benefits.

Below, we leave you a selection of Eleva Inspire chairs with the ideal color tone to decorate your office:

Light blue : Concentration and calm

Colors create a pleasant environment to encourage your creativity, establish a calm and relaxed place, such as blue, which is known for its calming properties and its ability to promote concentration. It is ideal for areas where tasks that require constant focus are performed, such as meeting rooms or individual workstations.

Khaki or pine green : Freshness and creativity

On the other hand, green, associated with nature, can create a feeling of freshness and serenity in the office. It has been linked to improving efficiency and creativity. Integrating touches of green into the decoration, whether through plants or decorative elements, can contribute to a more relaxed and stimulating environment.

Gray : Elegance and formality

A neutral color for the office, gray provides an elegant and professional backdrop. It can be the perfect choice for spaces where you want to convey formality, such as board rooms or reception areas. Gray is also versatile and combines well with other colors, allowing for easy customization of the environment.

White or ivory : Spaciousness and simplicity

White is synonymous with cleanliness and spaciousness. It can make spaces appear larger and brighter, creating a fresh, minimalist atmosphere. It is important to balance white with other office colors or decorative elements to avoid an overly clinical aesthetic.

Mustard yellow : Energy and mental clarity

Yellow brings energy and optimism to the workspace. It can be useful in areas where an energy boost is needed, such as break rooms or collaboration zones. However, it is crucial to use soft shades of yellow to avoid an overwhelming feeling.

Red or terracotta : Stimulation and vitality

Red is a stimulating color for the office that can increase energy and vitality. Although it should be used sparingly, touches of red in decorative elements or details can add a touch of dynamism to the work environment.

Warm Neutrals : Comfort and comfort

Shades such as beige and light brown provide a feeling of comfort and warmth to the office. They are ideal for areas where you want to create a cozy and relaxed atmosphere.

When choosing office colors, consider the nature of the work, employee preferences, and how much natural light is available.

A good color combination will not only make the office look more beautiful, but will also contribute to well-being and efficiency. If we pay attention to the color palette, the office can become a more pleasant and productive place for everyone.

Guillem Hernández

CEO Eleva

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