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Ideas to integrate an office in the room

Ideas para integrar un despacho en la habitación

Working from home...

Today it is increasingly common to find job offers to work from home, which is why it is never a bad idea to have a small space in which to carry out tasks in our home. Many times that space is limited since the apartments tend to be small. Today we will talk about how to use a small corner in our room that is comfortable for us as an office.


When placing a desk, the ideal would be to put it in front of a window with the best possible lighting. If this is not something feasible, we always have the option of using a lamp that helps us improve visibility since it is one of the most important points so as not to tire the eyes.


We can take advantage of small corners such as a place between columns or a corner to start organizing it. The ideal is to use furniture adapted to our needs to maintain good ergonomics such as a good chair or a lift table.

It is important to have a shelf that allows us to have some storage close to our small office, either on the desk or next to it.


We must not get carried away by the fact of being at home and decorating that small office in a way that is too homemade, we seek to be able to concentrate. For this, it is good to maintain an organized space with few objects that we know we are going to use. We can also opt for a small plant to keep us company and to take care of on a daily basis, that always gives a touch of color and joy.


Depending on the money available, we can opt for different types of furniture, although we must always keep in mind that this expense is nothing more than an investment in ourselves and our work, since they will be our main work tools.

In short, a small workplace can be organized at home as long as it does not interrupt the rest of our lives. Adapting and improving is something we must do in these times of change that are allowing us to spend more quality time in our own homes.

Guillem Hernández

CEO Eleva

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