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Gift ideas for coworkers

Ideas de regalos para compañeros de trabajo

The invisible friend at work

Christmas is near and with it, the invisible friends! And, as always, you can be touched by someone with whom you have a lot of confidence or that person with whom you have never exchanged a word.

We know how difficult it is to be able to match the tastes of our colleagues and that is why we bring you this small collection of ideas to give to the different personalities that we usually find in our office:

  • For kitchen lovers

For people who like to cook, we can opt for a voucher for a tasting dinner for couples. If we want something funnier and that you can use in the office, we can always opt for a mini sandwich maker or a mini blender, so you can prepare your favorite smoothies at work.

  • For those who work on the computer

A good neck or foot support, a mouse pad or insulated headphones will always please those who have to spend the day with the computer. These objects will improve ergonomics at work and will help you to concentrate better and avoid possible injuries.

  • For those who give everything in sport

For athletes we have it easy, nothing better than a piece of clothing, whether they are sports shoes or t-shirts. We can also opt for a sports bag, which is somewhat more neutral and we will only have to choose size and color, without getting into the world of sizes. Let's help you keep fit!

  • For the most creative

Here we have it easy! A voucher to see exhibitions or a museum, some artist's print to hang in the office to brighten up the workspace, an online course related to painting or crafts… whatever to help you stay imaginative.

  • For those who appreciate fashion

With winter we have what to give to anyone who likes fashion, a good scarf or a sweatshirt that makes them feel warmer. They can be objects related to a series or something they like, although flat-colored garments are also something that lasts better all year round when choosing an outfit, it's up to you!

  • For those who have no idea

There will always be that person we don't know much about or who doesn't know how to express himself too much in the office. With it we can opt for more neutral objects that can also be used in the office such as a coffee cup or a thermos, useful and beautiful objects, or a portfolio to use throughout the coming year.

What we all know is that in the end, gifts are something personal and trying to better adapt to our invisible friend can make new friendships emerge within the office and even improve existing ones. Be imaginative!

Guillem Hernández

CEO Eleva

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