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Desk organization: 10 tips to have everything under control

Organización del escritorio: 10 tips para tenerlo todo bajo control

It is very important to concentrate and feel good during the working day that we are in a clean and orderly space. This will not only help us to reduce stress, but it will also make us more productive, since we will not waste time looking for things that we could have close at hand.

Tips to improve your organization

Let's see some tips to get a good organization of our desk:

keep it clean and spacious

The size of the desk will depend, of course, on the space you have available, but if you have enough space and doubt between several sizes, try to choose the largest one, you will notice much more comfort in your day to day.

It is not the first time that we have named Marie Kondo in this blog, nor will it be the last! Take a good look at everything you have on your desk: do you use everything? Is it necessary? Do all the pens work well or can you throw some away? Are there papers that are no longer useful?

Sort your documents

Do not accumulate, throw away everything that is no longer worth it! And what yes, order it well in filing cabinets. If this sounds very old and you are already fully involved in digital documentation, apply it to the folders on your computer's desktop.

rank it all

Once you have your documents in order, classify them to always find them quickly. Use boxes, drawers, classifiers, cards, colors, whatever you prefer!

Do something with that bundle of wires

It happens to all of us. The battery, the screen, the keyboard, the webcam, the printer. Your desk behind (and below) is a mess. Review all the cables and decide which ones are essential, use trays and zip ties to keep them under control and so that you don't get tangled up with them every two by three.

surround yourself with pretty things

Here everyone imagines what they want: indoor plants, prints by your favorite artist, that rug you love, colored pencils that inspire you...

Inspiration is a round trip process, try to make your environment favor your good ideas.

Have your planner handy

It is important that you can quickly see your agenda, what you plan to do today, your tasks for the week, the meetings of the day. This way you won't miss anything.

Have we told you that with your eleva you receive a personalized monthly planner? Well that...

let the movement flow

Movement can guide your day to day and help you stay active. Take the opportunity to walk a little whenever you want to drink water or make a coffee, do your meetings standing up, change your posture when you brainstorm on a topic, put on music when the tasks are more mechanical and let yourself be carried away by it. In short: flow with the day to day .

Guillem Hernández

CEO Eleva

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