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What are Google offices like and how are they decorated?

¿Cómo son las oficinas de Google y cómo están decoradas?

Today I will tell you what the offices of the Google company are like. Prepare to be surprised, because these offices are very different from the ones you are probably used to.

First of all, you should know that Google offices don't look anything like your typical traditional office. Forget white walls and boring cubicles. Google offices are designed to be an inspiring and creative place, where employees feel comfortable and motivated to give their best.

google offices

At Google offices, there are bright, open spaces filled with vibrant colors and fun objects. From the entrance, you realize that you are in a different place. There is a reception area where you are greeted with a smile and a complimentary coffee, and then you can tour the different work environments.

There are meeting rooms with comfortable tables and chairs, but there are also seating areas with sofas and cushions so employees can work more relaxed. In addition, there are rest rooms with ping-pong tables, video games, hammocks and even a slide to go down from one floor to another.

Google offices are also equipped with cutting-edge technology. There are giant screens in the meeting rooms, high-end Mac computers, and an ultra-fast Internet connection that allows you to work fluidly and quickly.

google offices

But the most impressive thing about Google offices is that they are designed to encourage creativity and collaboration among employees. There are shared workspaces where employees can work together on projects, exchange ideas, and discuss work-related topics.

There are also common areas where employees can relax and socialize, such as cafes and canteens with free, healthy food, and outdoor spaces with gardens, tables and chairs to enjoy the sun and fresh air.

In short, Google offices are a place where employees feel valued and respected, where creativity, innovation and teamwork are promoted. It is an inspiring and motivating work environment, where employees don't feel like they are going to work, but rather they are going to a place where they can learn, grow and have fun. The different rooms and areas promote movement and with it, creativity.

Guillem Hernández

CEO Eleva

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