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What are Apple's offices like and how are they decorated?

¿Cómo son las oficinas de Apple y cómo están decoradas?

What is hidden behind the big apple?

Apple offices are known for having a sleek and modern design, reflecting the brand's aesthetic.

As you all already know, Apple is one of the best-known American multinationals in the world, it was founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne in 1976. Its Mac computer or its iPhone model revolutionized the electronics sector without precedent.

According to Forbes magazine , Apple is one of the most profitable technology companies in the world, ranking among the first on the Global 2000 list.

Apple offices

The company is based in Cupertino, California and has always kept its facilities under lock and key, until a couple of years ago, when they decided to build Apple Park, where work meets nature.

apple park offices

What can be found at Apple Park?

The Apple offices are located 2km from the original campus, with more than 13,000 workers, it runs 100% on renewable energy, thus obtaining LEED Platinum recognition.

Its surroundings are made up of no more and no less than 9,000 trees, orchards, ponds, and sports centers. Inside there are offices, cafeterias, auditoriums, meeting rooms and even a theater.

The Apple offices have one of the most spectacular infrastructures in California, its circumference is about 464 meters, 4 stories high and 3 underground levels.

elevates office decoration

Apple offers a clean, natural and minimalist design, both in its products and in its workspaces. Offices typically incorporate high-quality materials, clean lines, and a design that encourages creativity and collaboration among employees.

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