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Mesas que se elevan

Working with tables that rise

Not only as office furniture, but also in homes where they are beginning to be implemented as they are an interesting and increasingly useful object to have in your home as teleworking is the order of the day.

The operation of these tables consists of having hydraulic or manual pillars on each leg that allow us to make the table rise, and therefore be able to use it while standing or sitting, since we can adjust the height at our convenience to work. the most comfortable possible.

A healthy way to work

Getting up from time to time in a routine of eight working hours is something healthy and recommended. Elevating tables emerge as a solution to be able to work standing up during working hours, without neglecting the fact that sometimes we have to be seated. More and more are being implemented in work spaces as they improve ergonomics and therefore the health of workers and the fact that they are adjustable pieces allows them to adapt to each worker and their own physique.

How to choose it well

The choice of a good lift table depends on its characteristics and also on what each one is looking for. In general, the characteristics that we must look at when buying a lift table are the following:

height it reaches

The tables have different elevation ranges with which, depending on the height of each person, we can opt for something simpler and more standard or look for more special sizes that reach greater heights.

Lifting mechanism

The lifting mechanism is something important to look at, whether it is mechanical or hydraulic, especially depending on the age of the worker and if we are going to be constantly going up and down, since our comfort and even productivity can be affected by how you have to move the table itself. We must also look at the guarantee since, being something for daily use, it is convenient for us to prevent failures due to wear.

Maximum weight

The weight that the table can support must be weighed based on the type of work that we are going to give it, since we will have to have more or less objects on top of it. Always look at it and perhaps it is a better option to always go for something that holds a little more since we do not know if in the future we will need to place heavier objects, such as a printer or a larger computer.

We can safely say that lift tables are here to stay and make our lives easier. So now you know, if you want to improve your quality of work and life, opt for one of these objects, your back will thank you! Take into account all the tips that we have given you in order to make an intelligent and lasting purchase.

Guillem Hernández

CEO Eleva

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