Elevating Desks

How to assemble a raised desk?

cómo montar un escritorio elevable

If you are thinking about how to assemble your elevated desk, we will tell you everything you have to take into account.

Elevated desks are easy to assemble, yes, since it is a somewhat heavy piece of furniture, we recommend doing it with two people, which will always be faster and more entertaining than doing it by yourself, like everything in life!

Elevate One

table raises one

If your choice has been the Eleva One model, you must follow the following instructions:

Eleva One Instructions

Elevate Pro

eleva pro lift desk

If your choice has been the Eleva Pro model, you must follow the following instructions:

Eleva Pro Instructions

Differences between Eleva One and Eleva Pro:

The difference between the two assemblies is that in the case of Eleva Pro the assembly is much easier, so it will take less time to have your Eleva ready for use.

Still, don't worry if you prefer to have the One model! The instructions follow the step by step and it will only take a few minutes more than with the Pro.

Our recommendations:

-Read the instructions well and follow the steps in their order.

-Do it between two people.

-Use a blanket or box so as not to scratch the floor while assembling the table.

-Always check before assembling your table that the top and structure are in good condition. This way it will be much easier to change it for another.

Note that:

-All the tools are included, although if you have an electric screwdriver it will be easier.

-We are here for any questions that arise during assembly.

To the mess!

Guillem Hernández

CEO Eleva

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