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Home office: ideas to create the perfect space

Oficina en casa: ideas para crear el espacio perfecto

Create your Home Office

Most homes have an office space today, since with the increase in teleworking, many people have found it necessary to create workspaces at home.


One of the most important points of the home office is being able to find a quiet corner. The ideal would be to use a single room as a workplace, but often this is not possible, for which you could also use a corner of the house away from objects such as televisions or objects that can distract you. A couple of plants always help make the place look more cheerful and welcoming, lowering stress levels.


Productivity will be directly affected by the stimuli around you and for this you have to pay attention to your own space. Placing the desk facing a window or interior, never the wall and neutral colors in the furniture will make us be able to concentrate better. For the table it is better to have few objects since this will prevent your eyes from getting tired and you will pay less attention when choosing the objects that are used to work, such as pencils, notebooks or folders, among others.


Speaking of objects, their organization will be an important step in order to turn the office into a true workplace. You should opt for organization methods both on your computer and outside it, this will allow you to work faster and waste less time thinking about where to put things. The simple fact of arriving at a place where we don't feel like we have to pick up also produces happiness. Arriving every morning in a small space of peace turns working into a more positive stimulus.


Ergonomics becomes an important element in the office when you have to sit for many hours. Choosing elements such as the right chair and table can directly affect good productivity. Currently there is a wide range of products for the office, with which you must adapt it to your needs and your own body. Elements such as the back of the chair, the forearms and the height become an important issue to avoid physical pain. For the table, you should always adapt it to your needs, although with the elevating tables, you can choose between working sitting or standing, which allows you to maintain different postures throughout the day, helping to maintain movement and stretched extremities to Avoid fatigue from sitting for hours.

Every day it is more necessary to have a place at hand in which to concentrate, so even if the home office is organized based on the needs of work, we must learn to create small corners in which to find peace of mind to start at work. quiet every day

Guillem Hernández

CEO Eleva

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