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Desk ergonomics: 5 tips to work better

Ergonomía en el escritorio

Ergonomics is an essential aspect to work comfortably and respecting our health, but we must not only take into account a good position while working, but also while doing anything that requires spending many hours in front of the screen, such as playing games, watching a movie or browse our favorite pages.

We give you several tips to keep in mind to achieve a good ergonomic position at your desk:

Adjust your chair to your needs

The chair, together with the table, are the key elements of our setup. So it is advisable to use one that allows you to support the sword straight, forming an angle of 90º. A trick to know if your position is correct is to look at your chin: if you do not look forward, it means that your neck is not straight.

It is also preferable that your shoulders and forearms form a 90º angle and are always supported.

As for the legs, avoid crossing them so that your knees do not hurt. If you prefer, you can use a footrest.

The key is that the chair adapts to you, so if you are going to buy one, make sure that it has the following:

  • Adjustable lumbar cushion.
  • Adjustable headrest.
  • Armrests adjustable in height and width.
  • Adjustable height and compatible with the table.

Tips : nylon wheels are more durable and glide better. On the other hand, a rug under the chair will prevent it from moving too much.

Place the monitor at a correct distance

Adopting a correct posture with respect to your monitor is easy by following these steps:

  • Arms should form a right angle to the table, not hanging down or too high.
  • The monitor should be placed at a height where the top of it is at eye level. Thus, if you want to look at another part of the screen, you will move your eyes and not your neck.
  • To know that your monitor is at a suitable distance, stretch out your arm, place the monitor at the end of the fingers of your outstretched hand.

Armrests and wrist rests: your allies

If you write a lot and your wrists tend to hurt, there are 4 factors that you should take into account.

  • The height of the table with respect to the chair. As we said, it must form a 90º angle with your elbows.
  • The use of wrist rests. Supporting the wrists relieves tension.
  • Keyboard tilt. A little up, so that the wrists do not turn downward.
  • The use of wrist watch. It can alter your position, so it is advisable to take it off during work hours.

The table layout

A standard table is usually 120 meters long, which is more than enough space to work or play comfortably. However, the width must not be neglected, since the less width, the less distance there will be from the monitor to our eyes.

It is important that we do not have the table full of unnecessary things, since they could make us change our posture and end up working in an uncomfortable way.

The best position is the following

We have reviewed some tips to adopt good postures at our table. However, none of this will be healthy if we maintain this position for many hours at a time. Even the best posture ends up being harmful if it is maintained for a long time.

Take breaks, move around, stand up, change your position, look outside to rest your eyes. An active routine is essential for your health. Eager to elevate your space? Create a routine that feels good to you! Discover our electric lift desks

Guillem Hernández

CEO Eleva

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