Ergonomics at work

List of essential office furniture

Lista de muebles de oficina imprescindibles

Office furniture is a fundamental aspect to guarantee good ergonomics and a comfortable and productive work environment. They are essential elements to maintain proper posture and avoid health problems related to sedentary work.

Let's see a list of essential office furniture to work effectively.

Suitable furniture for an office:

Ergonomic chair

An ergonomic chair is a key element in preventing back pain and other musculoskeletal problems. It should have height adjustment, backrest and armrests, and lumbar support to keep the spine in the correct position.

Liftable desk

A good quality desk is essential for having an organized and comfortable workspace. It must have a surface large enough to support the computer and work materials, and it must be adjustable in height to adapt to the height of the chair and allow you to work in different positions, to avoid the problems associated with a sedentary lifestyle at work.

Chest of drawers

Drawers are necessary to maintain good organization of the workspace. Having your tools and documents organized will improve your productivity. In addition, keeping the space tidy will give you mental clarity and reduce your stress.


Good lighting is essential to maintain concentration and prevent eye strain. It is recommended to have a table lamp and a general light to illuminate the work space.

display stands

Both for your laptop and your computer screen. It is important to maintain a comfortable posture while we work. To do this, it is recommended to keep your gaze straight ahead and your shoulders relaxed. Your eyes should coincide with the middle, or upper third, of the screen. To achieve this, it is very useful to use a lifting support.


They can be related to furniture, such as a shelf in a color that you like or any decorative piece that inspires you. Creating an inspiring and beautiful workplace will reinforce your creative thinking.

In conclusion, to work effectively in the office it is necessary to have a series of essential furniture that guarantees good ergonomics and a comfortable and productive work environment.

Guillem Hernández

CEO Eleva

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