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How to sit with low back pain and avoid pain

Cómo sentarse con lumbago

We know that long hours of work sitting take their toll. Lumbago is one of the most common muscle pains. If this is your case, knowing how to sit with low back pain is vital to improve and recover the health of your back.

What is lumbago?

Lumbago is back pain in the lower spine that manifests itself in different ways. It is usually a very sharp pain and worsens if you do not have a good posture.

It is important to see a doctor and see what is the origin of said pain, it may have been triggered by a specific effort, but it may also have been caused by a bad posture that is repeated frequently, most likely during working hours. worked. The important thing is to treat it so that it does not become chronic and to change the necessary habits so that it does not repeat itself.

How to sit with lumbago correctly

There are different aspects to take into account:

Choose the chair well

Opting for an ergonomic chair can be very useful for treating your low back pain. It is important that you can adapt it to your needs to be as comfortable as possible and maintain a good posture.

These ergonomic designs are created to adapt to the slight curvature of the lower back, while keeping the spine straight, which is vital for your day to day.

Maintain a good position

Make sure that your back is upright, respecting the curvature of your spine and leaning on the backrest. Avoid crossing your legs and plant your feet well on the ground. The knees must be at an angle close to the right angle and the neck must be straight, for this make sure that the height of your monitor is adequate.

Perform dynamic sitting

Taking into account the advice that we have described in the previous section, it is important that you move as much as possible in the chair. Stretching, moving your hips to the sides, forwards and backwards, stretching your arms, moving your neck... It's about finding positions that are comfortable for you, and varying between them.

Do not abuse the chair

There is no position that, prolonged in time, for example the 8 hours that the working day lasts, is good. For that reason, it is important not to hold any posture for a long time. Get up from the chair when possible, move around, walk around a bit.

habits are everything

Our body is not designed to sit. The spine, with its curves, is designed to support the weight of our body. Therefore, when we sit for a long time, it loses its main function, since the back of the chair makes it unnecessary, this can modify the normal curvature of the lower back, it can also cause certain muscles to shorten, such as the hamstrings or psoas.

Maintaining active lifestyle habits is the key to maintaining a healthy and fit body, whether during the working day, as in our day to day, walking more, avoiding the elevator, doing regular physical exercise or playing with the little ones.

Guillem Hernández

CEO Eleva

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