Ergonomics at work

Postural ergonomics, what is it?

Ergonomía postural, ¿qué es?

Today it is normal to remain seated for many hours due to work, which can cause problems and injuries in the future since we generally end up opting for postures that are not suitable for our body. Today we bring you a post to help you learn to improve your postural ergonomics to avoid lower back damage.

What is postural ergonomics?

Postural ergonomics is the way to learn to perform daily tasks avoiding focusing stress on the muscles, achieving a healthy routine of exercises and movements in our day to day.

These routine exercises in the long run allow us to have a better musculature, which will help to automatically adopt better ergonomics and distribute muscle tension, preventing it from concentrating on a single area, such as the neck or back.

Tips for improving ergonomics:


  • The chair:

At work we can opt for chairs that allow us to obtain a more appropriate and comfortable posture since we have to sit for hours. These can be adjusted to the curvature of our back, avoiding the well-known neck pain after work.

  • The desk:

The choice of the desk is important since there are currently adjustable tables that allow us to obtain a comfortable position at a right angle with respect to the armrests.

  • Worked with computers:

It is also important to keep your eyes straight towards the computer monitor if you work with screens. This is achieved by lifting it with a small support to avoid having the head slightly tilted.


  • Motion:

If the job requires spending many hours on your feet, it is recommended to keep moving, for example getting up every hour to walk for five minutes. If you are teleworking, you can always use the treadmill to walk while you work on the computer.

  • Footwear:

It is also important to know which footwear best suits our posture. Ideally, keep both feet touching the ground and avoid wearing heels that are higher than 3 cm.

  • Pesos:

Lifting weights has always been a hot topic. As is well known in a popular way, you have to squat with your knees bent while keeping your back straight, to prevent all the weight from falling on the middle of your back, thus making more use of your arms and hips to lift it.

The importance of exercise

Daily exercise will help you improve the strength of our muscles and release stress. The ideal is to find a routine of small exercises that adapts to your schedule or type of life, since it will help you maintain your health and correct those small pains that come from occasional bad postures or simply the accumulated stress of the day.

In general, we know how difficult it is to maintain good postural ergonomics since the daily work routine does not help, but we can always ask for improvements with office objects that improve our postures and help with our own awareness when it comes to how we move.

Guillem Hernández

CEO Eleva

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