Ergonomics at work

Ergonomics in the office: a guide to take care of yourself at work

Ergonomía en la oficina

We were born to be on the move ...

Even while we sleep our body moves, hormones flow, blood circulates, we breathe and our brain works non-stop. However, the new societies provide us with more and more activities that imply being still in the same position. Whether it's watching TV, driving, studying or for 8 hours of each day when we work in an office.

This has a great implication on our health. Ergonomics in the office studies the habits, environment and space that help reduce the risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle at work. This includes good relationships with our colleagues, good lighting, the use of furniture adapted to our needs, the temperature of the space... etc. Not spending the necessary time to establish good ergonomics in the office translates into an increase in musculoskeletal injuries, a higher rate of sick leave, less productivity and more stress, among others. That is why brands like ours emerge every day that seek to find balance during our workday, proposing spaces that feel good to us.

The impact of good ergonomics in the office

Correct ergonomics in the office will depend on the activity carried out in it, according to the postures and tasks that employees are going to carry out in it.

For years we have ignored the need to prioritize our health during working hours and the problems associated with this work are increasing non-stop. Fortunately, the number of professionals who work and disseminate content to educate people on correct ergonomics in the office is also increasing.

Sitting for so long makes us sick. The blood does not circulate well, the spine is bent, our stress level rises, which tenses our muscles and affects our bones.

And with all this comes pain, psychological discomfort and a series of disorders that are triggered from here, such as digestive problems or sleep disorders. The good? With some good habits you can reduce this impact and make the hours you spend in the office not take their toll.

Implementing healthy habits in the office

Small things that, day after day, make a difference and bring us health:

- Place your screen in front of you, not to the side . In this way the neck will remain in a more comfortable position and you will avoid pain.

- Give your arms support, either at the table or in the chair . Use a support for your wrists so that you know how to use the keyboard and mouse, avoid having many things on the table that may affect your posture.

- Move more. The ideal is to change positions every 30 minutes. Work standing up, sitting down, take advantage of breaks or even meetings to move. Discover our elevating desks to move more.

- Light up your space . Sometimes we don't take lighting into account, especially if we work at home. Make sure you have good lighting to avoid straining your eyes. Take advantage of the breaks to look out the window in the distance and you will notice how your eyes tire less.

- Organize your day . Having the day or even the entire week planned out not only improves your productivity, it also helps you reduce stress and work better.

Guillem Hernández

CEO Eleva

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