Ergonomics at work

Organizational ergonomics, health and productivity

Ergonomía organizacional, salud y productividad

Did you know that you can make your workspace more comfortable and efficient? You just need some organizational ergonomics. Ergo-what? Let's see it…

What is organizational ergonomics?

Organizational ergonomics is about adapting your work environment to make it healthier and more productive. In other words, it focuses on making your workplace fit your needs and help you work more efficiently and safely.

The posture

First, let's talk about your posture. If you spend many hours sitting in front of the computer, it is essential to ensure that your chair and desk are well adjusted to your height and allow you to adopt different postures throughout the day.

The lighting

Another important thing to keep in mind is lighting. Adequate lighting is essential to avoid eye strain and stress. Try to place your desk near a window to take advantage of natural light. If that's not possible, use a desk light that is neither too bright nor too dim. It is also advisable to adjust the brightness and contrast of your screen to suit your needs.

The order

Clutter can be your worst enemy when it comes to organizational ergonomics. Keep your workspace tidy and free of unnecessary distractions. Get rid of papers you no longer need and organize your documents systematically. Use organizers, file cabinets and trays to classify and store your work materials. You will see how a clear table improves your concentration and helps you find what you need in the blink of an eye.

Movement breaks

Rest is also vital. Take regular breaks to stretch, walk around a bit, and rest your eyes.

The inspiration

Last but not least, personalize your workspace! Add elements that make you feel comfortable and motivated. You can decorate your space with plants, photos, bright colors or anything that inspires you.

Now that you know what organizational ergonomics is and how to apply it, there is no excuse not to make your workspace an incredible place. Remember to adjust your posture, take care of the lighting, keep your space tidy, rest properly and customize it to your liking. You will see how you will feel much better and how your productivity will increase!

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